What Our students are saying about our pet CPR and first aid classes

Caring pet parents

"I took the class 2 years ago from Dave and I just completed my recertification. Taking this class has helped build my confidence in helping my special needs dogs." 

"I was terrified by my dog's seizures. The material helped understand what was happening and how to react. I really appreciated all the practice we did in CPR and bandaging."

"Recommended for any pet parent. I heard Dave speak at the library and signed up my whole family to take the full class." 

"My husband and I just took the Pet First Aid and CPR class...and it was awesome! The class was very hands on and exciting. Not once did we feel like we weren't receiving enough facts or feel "bored". When we returned to our home we felt this confidence we had never felt around our dogs. Knowing we could help them if something happened."

Pet care professionals

"100% of our Staff are now trained in pet CPR and first aid. Our bathers, groomers, front office team and owners attended the class. We proudly display our certificates in the lobby and we highlight our training on our website and in social media posts. We definitely think this sets us apart from our competition. We know our customers appreciate the fact that we're all trained." Grooming Salon Owner

"We take the care and safety of animals very seriously, and learning Pet CPR and First Aid with Dave Grooms has been our favorite part of our continuing education!  He combines the vital information and skills of the PetTech program with real life scenarios and entertaining stories, plus invaluable advice from his own experience, to create a course that we will now require for all our employees." Pet Sitter Company Owner

""The First Aid and Pet CPR course should be a must for anyone working in the pet industry! I am a canine physical therapist and have learned a great amount during the course. Hopefully I will never encounter a scenario when I would have to use the techniques I learned, but it makes me feel better to know that I am prepared if that ever happens. As a licensed PT I have to renew my CPR certification with humans every 2 years, and I see no reason why the same shouldn't apply to pets!"  F. Maia, Pet Therapist, The K9PT

Group classes

"Dave brought his entire class to our facility and trained over 20 of our Staff and several of our customers. He was fun and his real-life stories helped us all remember the material." Exotic Rescue Organization

"Dave trained our entire team - from our bookkeeper to our receptionist to our operations staff. Many of us are career professionals and Dave made us realize that we still had things to learn. Great class and a great team building exercise for our group." Humane Society Director

"Dave set up a Sunday class so that we didn't have to close our place to customers to train everyone. Appreciated the flexibility." Boarding Facility Owner

 "Thanks Dave for training all three of our shifts and both fire houses for the Oak Brook Fire Department. We know you had to cover the material more than once for those of us who had to respond to calls during class. We appreciate your patience and know that this training will enhance what we do for our community." Fire Battalion Commander